MS Torun Winery


Sitting on over forty acres in the serene Napa Valley, M.S. Torun Winery is has established itself as one of the most beautiful boutique wineries in the area. Having specialized in growing Arbequina olives, additional to various types of grapes, the proprietors Naciye and Sid Torun are currently creating small batches of olive oil and wine.

The hills of the gorgeous Napa Valley are reminiscent of the beautiful Mountains Selbus and Tari in our homeland of Conag, Mesopotamia region. The 5000 organically grown olive trees, sitting 1500 feet above the breathtaking, world-famous Napa Valley, are handpicked and pressed within twenty-four hours of harvest, creating an exceptionally fresh flavor.

– M. Sid Torun


We look forward to hosting you at our family ranch on your next trip to the Napa Valley.

Wine tastings are offered daily from 10:00am to 4:30pm at our property on the beautiful Wragg Canyon,

Enjoy a selection of our family’s portfolio.